Garmin Instinct Review: Sports Watch with Instinct

//Garmin Instinct Review: Sports Watch with Instinct

Garmin Instinct Review: Sports Watch with Instinct

Garmin Instinct Review: Sports Watch with Instinct

Most Garmina watches can be easily categorized as smartwatches, compared to the competition, and whether or not they are worth buying. As for the Garmin Instinct sports watch, it’s more complicated.

Garmin Instinct Overview

Garmin Instinct reviews

Garmin Instinct – what’s the difference?

What sets the Garmin Instinct apart from competitors with similar capabilities and other Garmins is the look. Do you like the style of G-Shock? Looks more important than hundreds of additional features? Are you looking for something with GPS, simplified navigation, reasonable battery and good features? Garmin Instinct for you.

Garmin Instinct features

Instinct’s design has many limitations that you won’t find on other Garmin watches. But, there are a lot of advantages.

Garmin Instinct in Practice

It’s hard to say for sure. When I first saw photos of the Instinct, I thought it was a sportier version of the Fenix ​​5 (Plus). Mistake. The Instinct is in many ways more like the Fenix ​​5 Lite, or a slightly updated and redesigned version of the Fenix ​​3/3HR.

Garmin Instinct in practice

We won’t find many of the features that Garmin recently added to their watches here. Payments? No. Memory for music? No. Touch screen? Definitely not. Instinct doesn’t even support add-on apps. The list of what’s not here is actually quite long, for a smart watch that you have to pay just over 24 thousand rubles for.

On the other hand, you can think of all these shortcomings as a desire to go back to the roots or a sports watch without a million unnecessary features that you have to pay extra for. Does it make sense? Let’s find out.

Garmin Instinct Watch

Appearance and controls

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